Adult Team Spelling Bee in Hustisford set for April 6, 2019


The Friends of the Hustisford Community Library will be sponsoring the 14th Annual Adult Team Spelling Bee on Saturday April 6 at 6 pm at the Hustisford High School commons.

Spelling is a Team Sport in Hustisford.  Are you willing to have a fun filled evening raising money for a great cause?  Unlike a traditional spelling bee, you will not need to stand up alone and spell aloud.  Instead, sit at a table with your 3 person team, with your team mates, and write down your spelling of the word.  You have thirty seconds.  All the other teams get the same word at the same time.  Then the master of ceremonies, Scott Lopas announces the correct spelling.  If your team is correct you continue to compete.  Misspell the word and your team is eliminated.  Unless…unless…unless your team takes the opportunity to “buy” the word to remain in the competition.

There are three rounds of competition – easy, intermediate, and difficult.  Each round lasts 30 minutes.  Word buys ($10 per misspelled word) can take place in the first and second rounds and in the first twenty minutes of the third round.  The team who spells the most consecutive words correctly becomes the winner.   Encourage your business, industry, office, or organization to sponsor a three-person team with an entry fee of $50.  Spectator fee is $1.00.  Bring an extra $10 bill if you want to be a hero by saving your favorite team from elimination.  All proceeds go for programs and improvements at the Hustisford Community Library.  For more information, contact the Hustisford Community Library at 920-349-3463.