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Story Hours

Story Time with Miss Monica


is a gathering of children ages 2 – 6 years on the EVERY WEDNESDAY of the month. 

A great way to introduce little minds to the library by educating and entertaining them through books.

Each story time will consist of books read aloud and possibly include music, crafts or playtime.


  • To create in children an appetite for reading and for using the library
  • To encourage children to respect other children, the storyteller and library materials
  • To stimulate children’s imaginations
  • To help children develop language, listening, and motor skills
  • To teach library manners

All children are unique and have different levels of listening ability at different ages. Therefore, the Children’s Librarian suggests that a child, regardless of age, who displays inability to sit and listen quietly, may benefit from a break of one or two weeks before returning to story time or have a parent stay with them. Children adapt at different rates, so please, keep trying!


The first time a child attends story time, the parent or guardian should sit with the child. By the second or third time a child attends, the parent or guardian may or may not leave the immediate story time area. The parent or guardian may go to other areas of the library but must remain in the library!  If a parent or guardian for some reason must leave the building, the Children’s Librarian must be notified in advance of the story time.

The doors will open five (5) minutes before story time. This is a very important safety precaution! Library staff is unable to supervise children before and after story time.

Everyone is asked to make every effort to avoid late arrival to story time. Interruptions are a distraction to the children as well as the storyteller.

Story times are just an introduction to the exciting world of books and reading. Parents and guardians need to take time to read to their children every day. They need to help children choose books to take home from the library. This example will show children that reading is a worthwhile and enjoyable activity. In addition, the bonding between parent and child is beyond measure…take time to enjoy it. Walk down the path of imagination with your child and once again or maybe for the first time enjoy being a kid again through the world of children’s books.


Story Time with Miss Monica

  Started the New Year with some Clifford the Big Red Dog fun! This month – Dogs & puppies are the theme for story time. You can join us with your little one EVERY WEDNESDAY at 11:15am. Tweet Pin It