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Meet Your Librarians!

Miss Monica: Children ‘s Librarian

“The thing I love most about my job is working with people. From the little hands that are just learning to turn the pages of a board book, to the seasoned reader looking to step out of the box and try something new…I love trying to find the right read for each person.”

“I really like the variety of interests I see people explore. It has allowed me to grow in my life and try new things. A library truly gives everyone who uses it a world at their disposal.”

“I am a homebody, kind of gal-next-door, that enjoys cooking and hates cleaning. I love spending time with my husband and family and I love to make stuff!!”

“I am a non-fiction, history, and politics nut. Learning a lot to make sure I can keep up with our patrons. Of course, ‘all things kids books’ is my second love.”

The library is a magnet for all ages, backgrounds and interests. A public library gives opportunity to everyone to grow in their lives. I am humbled to be able to help foster that for the Hustisford area!”


Katelyn: Circulation Manager

“The Best part about my job is the patrons. They have not just become my friends, they have become my family.”

“I love learning new things at the library, not just from books or the internet. I learn many things from our patrons sharing their knowledge with us.”

“I like to go thrift shopping and spending time in the outdoors. Some of the things I like to do outdoors is going  camping and kayaking.”

“I like to read books that are thrillers, mysteries, scary and suspenseful, and fantasy. One of my favorite authors is Chevy Stevens.”

“The library is a great quiet, relaxing place in our community. It’s a safe place for anyone to come to.”


Annie Bahringer: Director

“The best part of my job is that I get to do so many fun things with incredibly fun and talented people. I love being able to have something fun and different to do every day at work!”

“The library is such a great resource for information, reading and watching material and everything extra like the Gale courses and digital magazines. I also love that the library is the center of the community!”

“I love going camping and bike riding with my husband, Craig. I also love to sew, read and swim.”

“I love sci fi books, extreme literary novels and a lot of non fiction, including adventures and literary criticism.”

“The library’s role in the community is that it is the focal point of everything in the community; patrons, businesses and education. We are where people go to for support and information.”