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Laptop Policy
Adopted 8/10/2010
1. Laptops may be used by patrons over 18 with SHARE cards in good standing and no overdue fines older than 60 days.
2. The User must present a card and picture id before using.
3. The laptop may only be used in the main room of the Hustisford Community Library on the library’s wireless network. It may not leave this area.
4. The initial checkout period is 2 hours but may be renewed if no one is waiting for it.
5. The User may use the laptop for resumes, online exams, online employment applications, loan applications, presentations, college term papers and online courses. Gaming and surfing the internet are not acceptable uses.
6. The User may not engage in illegal activities (i.e. hacking, pirating, downloading illegal materials, etc.) or any activities inconsistent with the Hustisford Community Library’s Internet Policy or any other Hustisford Community Library policies.
7. The Library reserves the right to restrict or terminate computer use privileges of any patron who is misusing or abusing library equipment or not acting in accordance to library policy.
8. The User may not install software on the laptop. Software may not be copied from the laptop or modified.
9. The User must save his/her work to a flash-drive or CD (provided by the User). Any files saved to the hard drive will be deleted upon check-in of the laptop.
10. The User is responsible for the laptop and any accessories checked out with it. Any theft, negligence, or damage to the laptop or accessories, including damage due to spilled food or beverages, will result in the User being charged full cost of repairs and replacement.
11. The User must read, complete and sign a Laptop Liability Agreement each time the laptop is checked out.
Laptop Liability Agreement
I have read and understand Hustisford Community Library Laptop Policy and
Internet Use Policy and agree to adhere to the terms and conditions contained
I agree to assume any and all liability for the cost of repair or replacement in the event of loss due to theft, damage, negligence or misuse.
I understand the Library will not assume responsibility for lost files due to viruses, hardware failure and network interruptions.
I understand that laptop computers must be returned in-person to staff at the Circulation Desk and that I will be required to wait while the computer is checked to ensure all equipment is intact.
Full Name (Last, First) _____________________________________________________
Valid Photo ID Number (i.e. Drivers License, etc) ________________________________
Local Address: City, State, Zip Code___________________________________________
Home Phone or Cell Phone__________________________________________________
Email Address (optional) ____________________________________________________